Integrating your SkySlope Account with SkySlope Books

When you activate SkySlope for your brokerage, it allows all everyone with the appropriate permissions to view the SkySlope add-on under Marketplace.


1. To link SkySlope Books to your SkySlope account, go to the Profile icon Profile in the upper right. From the drop-down menu, select Apps.


2. Under Company Addons, click Connect on the SkySlope card.


3. In the next screen you will be asked to allow SkySlope to access data in your SkySlope Books account (formerly Zipi), click Allow.


4. Next, you will be asked to authorize the applications by adding your Access Key and Secret Key.

5. You can access the keys in your SkySlope account, under My Account >> Integrations.

6. Enter the information, and click Authorize.



7. Once you are authorized, click Continue.



8. You will now receive a success message at the top of your screen as shown below.



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