What are dual deals?

Dual deals, dual agency deals, or double-ended deals refer to when an agent represents both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction.   Or when representing both sides for a Tenant or Landlord (rental) deal types.

SkySlope Books allows you to create a Dual Deal Relationship between two deals which will do the following in SkySlope Books.

  • Update the Commission Disbursement Authorization to have the commission amounts for both deals
  • View the Dual Deal details in the Payouts tab 
  • Easily navigate between Dual Deals 

In this article, we will cover:

Viewing Dual Deals

Dual deals are represented as two different deals in SkySlope Books to allow for different commission calculations for each deal.  Once a dual deal relationship has been created, a link icon will appear next to the dual deals.

There are three places where you can see the chain icon and access the other deal via the chain icon. Clicking on the icon will allow you to "Open Dual Deal" which will quickly navigate you to the other deal.

1. All deals board  

2.  View Deal Board

3. Edit Deal Screen > Transaction Card

How to Create Dual Deal Relationships

First, the deal(s) must already be created.

To create a dual deal relationship:

1. Locate the Deal by going to the Deals screen or using the Search bar to locate the Deal. 

2. Click the Pencil icon to edit.

3. Scroll down to the Transaction card and click Dual as shown below.

Note: If you made any changes to your deal, you will be asked to save the deal before you create a dual deal relationship.

4. The "Create Dual Relationship" pop-up will appear.

  • "Create New Deal" will allow you to manually create a new deal in Books.
  • "Select existing Deal" to find a deal that already exists in SkySlope Books.  
  • "Select from Connect from SkySlope" will allow you to find a Deal in SkySlope that hasn't yet been imported to SkySlope Books and link to this deal.


Create a New Deal:

1. Select "Create New Deal".

2. Click "Continue". 

3. This creates a new deal with the same Name, Address, Sale Price, Closing Date, Commission, and Agent.   There will now be two deals, one as Buyer and one as Listing representation.


Select an existing deal:

1. Click "Select existing Deal".

2. In the "Search Deal" field, start typing name/address of the deal you want to link to.

3. Select the deal from the search results. You can only select deals with the opposite deal type in the search results, the others are greyed out.  Then click "Continue".


Select from Connect from SkySlope:

This option is available if the listing is in SkySlope Books, however listings aren't automatically being created in SkySlope Books via the SkySlope integration.

1. Click on the "Select Connect from SkySlope" option.

2. The property address will populate into the Search Deals field.

3. Click on the line item for that address below.

4. Click "Start Sync".  The deal will now be created in SkySlope Books.


Dual Deals and Commission Disbursement Authorizations

Dual deals have two disbursement PDFs.

1. Dual Deal Disbursement will display the disbursements for both deals.

2. The Disbursement will display the disbursements for the deal you are currently editing.


Dual Deals and Payouts

You will have the Buyer Side and Listing Side under Payouts for dual deals.  

Note: You will only be able to confirm payments and process remaining payouts for the deal you are currently viewing.  However, you can view the other deals payouts.


Unlinking Dual Deals

1. Access the Deal by using the Search Bar or locating it from the All Deals screen.

2. Once located, click the pencil icon to Edit.


3. Scroll down to the Transaction card and hover over Dual, select "Unlink".  The Deals are no longer linked.



Deleting Dual Deals

When deleting dual deals, you can either delete the deal itself or delete both deals.

1. Access the Deal by using the Search Bar or locating it from the All Deals screen.

2. Once located, click the pencil icon to Edit.

3. Scroll down and click Delete.

4. You have the option "Delete Only This Deal" or "Delete Both Deals".


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