Adding Commission Modifiers for a Contact

Follow the steps below to learn how to add a Commission Modifier to an agent's Contact Card. Adding a Commission Modifier is a one-time action allowing you to tell the SkySlope Books system if an agent has already contributed a certain amount towards their Commission Cap for a specific timeframe.


1. In the left menu, navigate to Directory. Then, go to the Contacts section.

2. Once in the Contacts section, click on the contact's name. Then click the pencil icon to edit that contact.

Commission Modifier 1.png


3. Once on the Edit Contact screen, navigate to the Compliance tab. On the Compliance tab, locate Commission Calculation Modifiers. Then click + Modification.

Commission Modifier 2.png


4. Next, you will need to add the modification details:

  • Deal Type and Deal Property Class: These two fields are required, but this level of customization is not necessary for most situations. If your office does utilize different caps for different deal types, use these options to determine the correct cap per deal type. If your office does not utilize different caps for different deal types, simply select any option and move forward. 
  • Apply Date: When the system should take the modification into account. 
  • Deal Count: Number of deals.
  • Sales Price Total: Total sales volume accumulated.
  • Gross Commission Total: Total gross commission accumulated.
  • Company Split Total: Most commonly used; the amount of the commission split belonging to the company.
  • Sales Entity Split Total: The amount of the commission split belonging to the agent.
  • Add Product Income/Expense: If you think you might need to utilize this feature to customize caps outside of the options listed above, please contact your Books Customer Success Manager.

Example: Below is a sample Commission Modification. This example is telling the system that as of 6/1/2024, this agent has contributed $5,300 towards their company contribution cap. Any deals with a closing date before the apply date 6/1/2024 will not acknowledge these modifications.

Commission Modifier 4.png


5. Once you've added the modification details, click Save.

Commission Modifier 3.png

Once the Commission Modifier is saved, the modification will impact the calculation of commission plans, reporting for the Cap Report, and the widget for the Cap Report.


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