Viewing and Paying Invoices in My Business Account (Agents)

In this article, we will cover how agents can view and pay invoices from their My Business account.   

Note: If you don't see the My Business option in the company dropdown within SkySlope Books, your brokerage has not setup your My Business portal.  Please reach out to your brokerage.

  • Viewing Invoices
  • Paying Invoices

How to View Invoices in the My Business Portal

1. Log into SkySlope Books, then click on the company dropdown and select My Business 

2. Navigate to Purchases (A/P)  Bills in the left navigation bar

3. If any invoices have been sent from your brokerage, they will be visible here in the bills screen. 3

  • Click on any of the column headers to change the sort
  • View the Due Date, Payment Status and Total Amount/Balance

How to Pay Invoices in the My Business Portal

Invoices can only be be paid in SkySlope Books if your brokerage has setup an integration to allow for electronic payments.  

1. Click on the invoice line you would like to pay

2. Select Pay Invoice and follow the prompts to pay the invoice.

Note: If your brokerage has not the invoices for electronic payments, you will get the following error: 






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