Printing and Downloading Paystubs

SkySlope Books provides brokerages with the opportunity to print and/or download paystubs that reflect the details of payouts made as part of a deal.  You have the option of printing individual paystubs or downloading multiple paystubs!


How to Print Individual Paystubs 

There are two options for printing individual paystubs from the Payments Made screen.  The Print Paystub button can be accessed from either the overflow menu or by opening the line item.  

Option 1: Print from the Overflow Menu

1. Go to the Bills (A/P) > Payments Made

2. Click on the overflow menu for the payment you would like to print the paystub for

3. Select Print Paystub


Option 2: Open the Payment Made line item to Print

4. Click on the line item you would like to print the paystub for

5. Select Print Paystub

6. A print preview option will appear, confirm your printer and click Print


How to Download Multiple Paystubs

There are two options for downloading multiple paystubs.  You may choose to download from the Payments Made screen or from the Deal page!

Option 1: Downloading from the Payment Made screen

1. Go to the Bills (A/P) > Payments Made

2. Click on the checkbox for one or more line items

3. Select Download Paystubs 


Option 2: Downloading from the Deals screen

Note: Paystubs will only download as pdf's if the payments have been processed.  

1. Navigate to the Deals screen 

2. Click the checkbox for one or more Deals that you would like to download paystubs 

Important: Only select deals that are in a Payments Processed status

3. Select Download Paystub 

4. Once you have downloaded form the Payments Made or Deals page, the zip file will be accessible from the notifications bell in the top right-hand corner of the screen

5. Click on Download File option to down load them to your computer

6. The zip file with pdf files will now be downloaded to your computer and they will have the following naming convention

a. Zip File: Date of Zip

b. PDF File(s): PaymentMadeDate_PaymentMadeID_FIrstInitialLastName_PaystubAmount_stub.pdf


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