In this article, we'll review the various types of company-level Deal reports available in SkySlope Books and the data that will be included with each report type.

In this article, we will review:


Generating a Report

To begin generating a report:

  1. In the left menu, navigate to Reporting. Then, go to the Detailed Reports section. 
  2. In the upper right, click Create Report
  3. Under company-level reports, select the type of report you want to generate (Deal Reports). Then select the type of Deal Report you want to generate:
    - Summary Transactions
    - Detailed Transactions
    - Source of Business
    - Commission Expense
    - Average Sales
    - Agent Performance
  4. The following sections allow you to select the data set you want to include in the report, such as date range, transaction type, status and division. As you complete each section, click Next.
  5. Finally, click Run Report
    PRO TIP: To generate a report more quickly, click the down.png and click Run Report. This allows you to bypass the editable filters you can customize before running the report.
    Run Report.gif


Types of Deal Reports

With a wide variety of deal reports available in SkySlope Books, we've listed the primary purpose for each report below, helping you determine which report you need with confidence. Reports with star icons ★ are the most commonly used reports in Books. Click here to view sample reports.

Summary Transactions ★ - The Summary Transactions report can be used to review critical data points for all deals on both the purchase and listing sides for a specific time period. This report is helpful when trying to determine the total income and gross commission income for a specific time period.

Detailed Transactions ★ —Similar to the Summary Transactions report (above), the Detailed Transactions report provides a comprehensive list of all essential deals in SkySlope Books. Note: To get the most out of this report, we recommend downloading it and opening it in Excel so you can easily filter by various data points.

Source of Business - This report provides a list of all sources of business available in Books and critical details for all deals categorized within each source of business. Source of Business details are also included in the Summary and Detailed Transactions reports.

Commission Expense - Your brokerage can use the Commission Expense report to view each agent's volume, side count and commission.

Average Sales - The Average Sales report shows total and average sales for each month.

Agent Performance ★ - Brokerages using SkySlope Books can rely on this report to oversee agent performance at a glance. You can view each agent's stats and click on a particular section to see which deals are included in that section.


Sample Deal Reports

Take a look at the attachment below to view sample reports of each Deal Report available in SkySlope Books.


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