Improvements to Approval Flow

Our Books team has been working to improve some of the tedious, everyday tasks. With this release, we've made several improvements to the Deals page, allowing users to find the deal they're looking for more easily.

Simplified Filter

You can now access various filters through one streamlined Filter button.



Improved Statuses and Helpful Tooltips

We have made improvements to the list of statuses available for deals in Books. We've also added helpful tooltips to ensure you can quickly obtain the information you need about any deal. Simply hover your cursor over the info icon info.png to view the tooltip.

Status.png Batch Payment Accounting Improvements

We've improved how bulk payments can more easily be identified and matched during reconciliation.

Recommended Matches in the Reconciliation Module

Now, when brokerages utilize for EFTs, it will be easier to match the bank transaction to the SkySlope Books transaction. This process can be complicated when there is one transfer that represents multiple items in SkySlope Books. Thanks to this new release, we will now "label" related items on the back end and show items with matching "labels" as Suggested Matches in the reconciliation module.

Recommended Matches.png


Batch Payment Information Shown for Payment Made/Payment Received

Similar to the above, when a single bank transaction represents multiple items in SkySlope Books, we will display this information with each payment.

Payment Made.png


Default Bank Convenience Fee

Previously, this setting could only be adjusted for each individual invoice. But thanks to this release, brokerages can customize their workflow to determine who pays the $1.00 banking convenience fee associated with EFTs. Brokerages can choose between two options:

  • Money Sender: The broker/company sending the invoice will pay the $1.00 convenience fee.
  • Money Reciever: The agent/party receiving the invoice will pay the $1.00 convenience fee.

Transfer Settings.png


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