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Is your brokerage reconciling line items associated with transactions?  If so, please review the helpful tips below!

NOTE: This article is to be used in addition to the Reconciliation in SkySlope Books article. & SkySlope Books Transactions

If multiple EFT payments are made in one day, will process one bulk payment from/to your bank.  Therefore, your bank transactions will not match your SkySlope Books transactions. 

For example, if you sent two commission payments to two different agents for $10,000 each, will list that as one $20,000 transaction on your bank feed:

Payload Recon 1.png

We have added some helpful tools to help you easily reconcile, whether you are reconciling in SkySlope Books or another system.


Reconciling in SkySlope Books -

Recommended Matches

We've taken steps to make it easier to accurately match one Bank Feed transaction to multiple Books transactions when reconciling in SkySlope Books. 

When you are matching transactions and preparing to reconcile, we will offer recommended matches based on the transaction numbers added behind the scenes. 

Recommended Matches.png



Reconciling outside SkySlope Books -  

Batch Information added to Payment Made / Payment Received Details

If your brokerage is reconciling in a system outside of SkySlope Books, follow the steps below to locate the transactions in SkySlope Books and confirm they are associated with your bank statement/feed line item.

1. Find the date of the transaction on your bank statement/feed that you want to reconcile.

2. Navigate to either to the Invoices > Payment Received or Bills > Payments Made screens in SkySlope Books.  (Depending on whether it is a credit or debit on your statement.)

3. Scroll through the Payment Date column to locate the line items based on the transaction date from your bank statement/feed.  

4. Notate all line items with "EFT" as the Payment mode for that date.

5. The total for all these line items should match the bank statement/feed line item.

6. Property address for the deal will be in the Reference# field.

7. Clicking on the line item will confirm the payment is part of the bank transaction for the dollar amount shown on your bank statement/feed.

Payment Made.png


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