Adding Co-Agents to a Deal

Follow the steps outlined below to add an additional agent to a deal in SkySlope Books.


Review Before Starting:

  • If your brokerage is using SkySlope Books and SkySlope Suite for managing transaction , any co-agents added into the Suite file will be automatically carried into the Books file. You won't need to manually add them to the deal as a sales entity. In this situation, click Manage Sales Entities and jump right to step 6.
  • To successfully add a co-agent and correctly calculate their commission, they must be assigned to a Commission Plan. 


Adding a Co-Agent

  1. Navigate to the deal
  2. Scroll down to the Disbursement card.
  3. On the Disbursement card, click Manage Sales Entities.
  4. In the new window that opens, click Add Sales Entity
  5. Type or scroll through the list to find the correct contact. Click on the contact's name to select the contact.
  6. Once you've selected the contact, they will be added as a Sales Entity. At this point, you can enter the complete the appropriate fields for that agent.

        Note: Amount of Credit for Sales Volume and Representation Count are for reporting purposes only.

    • % of Deal Split (Commission): The percentage of the commission for this deal that will be paid to this entity.  Example: 30%
        • As you enter the Commission details for the additional Sales Entity, it will automatically calculate the remaining split amount for the original Sales Entity.  
    • % Amount of Credit (Sales Volume): Enter the percentage of sales volume credit the agent should receive credit for.  Example: 50%
    • Amount of Credit (Side Count): Enter the amount of credit assigned to this agent for total listings/sales closed. Example: 0.5       

        7. Click Apply to save the change you've made to the deal. 

        8. A new agent card will now be added to the Disbursement card.  The commission will calculate                    based on the Commission Plans.  Clicking on the agent and company card will allow you to see                  the splits calculated to both parties.

        Note: Clicking on the three dots to the right will allow you to either convert the sales entity added            to Primary Agent or Remove from Deal.


        If you have any questions, please reach out to the Customer Support team!


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