Best Practices for Printing Checks

We've curated this list of tips and best practices for printing checks in SkySlope Books. These tips come from our Customer Support and Customer Success teams and from users just like you! 

In this article, we'll go over:


Adjusting the Print Location

On the check-printing screen, you will have the opportunity to shift the printed portions to allow for the best alignment with your checks. 

Adjust the numbers for the Horizontal Shift Horizontal.png and Vertical Shift Vertical.png to change the print location. 

Note: Adjustments here will affect ALL of the printed portions, not a single field.

Hor and Vert shift.png


Default: Horizontal Shift: 0  |  Vertical Shift: 0

Horizontal Shift: Higher number = moves to the RIGHT; Lower number = moves to the LEFT.

Vertical Shift: Higher number = moves to the BOTTOM; Lower number = moves to the TOP.

Here is a visual breakdown of the position: 

Shifting Check Position (1).png


Complete a Test Print

exclamation.png We highly recommend you complete a test print prior to printing checks to ensure the position is correct. Ideally, you will only have to do this once. After you've adjusted the horizontal and vertical shift locations (shown above), that location will be saved and used for all future check printing.

Follow these steps to complete a test print:

  1. Set proper horizontal and vertical shifts.
  2. Click Print in the lower right corner. 
  3. A Print Preview page will open to allow you to review prior to printing. 
  4. Ensure you have blank paper loaded in the printer (not check stock).
  5. Click Print to send the test print job to your printer.
  6. Once the paper is printed, compare it with your check stock to see if it aligns as needed.
  7. Continue to make adjustments to the horizontal and vertical shifts, if necessary.
  8. After printing, you will see a pop-up that asks "Did your check print correctly?" If you just completed your test print, you want to click No to ensure you have the opportunity to print this check again on your check stock, rather than blank paper.



Top Printing vs. Bottom/Middle Printing Checks

The process for printing checks in SkySlope Books will vary depending on your check type. As shown in the visual below, your check type may be top printing, middle printing or bottom printing. 

Top Mid Bot Printing.png

SkySlope Books is designed to accommodate top-printing checks. You shouldn't need any special adjustments if your brokerage uses top-printing checks. 

Printing Middle- or Bottom-Printing Checks

If your brokerage uses middle or bottom printing checks, you will need to make some significant adjustments to ensure the check prints in the proper position.

You can adjust the vertical shift to move the check portion to the middle or bottom of the page and move additional check details to a second page. To confirm that the location is correct before printing, please make sure to complete a test print.

Here is an example of a bottom printing check set to a vertical shift of 730:

Bottom Printing.png

After you have shifted the check portion to the correct position, you will want only to print the first page (where the check is). If you have a stack of check stock in your printer and print both pages, all of the additional pay data (shown on Page 2 in the image above) will print onto your check stock. To prevent this, you want to print only the first page.

How to print just the first page:

  1. Select your checks.
  2. Click Print Checks. 
  3. Ensure the check portion is set to the right location.
  4. Click Print.
  5. Now, the Print Preview window will open. Manually set the Page selection to print only Page 1. 

Print 1 Page.png




Printing Checks

Once you're ready to print, click here to view instructions for printing checks! 🖨️


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