View Disbursement Status on the Deals Page

You can take a quick glance at a deal's status to find more information about the deal. 

Here are the available statuses and a brief explanation of what they mean. We've also added helpful tooltips to ensure you can quickly obtain the information you need about any deal. Simply hover your cursor over the info icon info.png to view the tooltip.

Incomplete Deal: The deal was created but is missing information.

info.png  Some required information is still missing from this deal.

Pending Approval: All information was provided and is still waiting approval.

info.png  Deal is ready for review and approval.

Pending Payment Confirmation: The deal was approved, but the brokerage has not yet confirmed payments received.

info.png  There are closing payments awaiting confirmation.

Pending Remaining Payouts: The deal was approved and awaiting payouts.

info.png  There are incomplete remaining payouts.

Payment Processed: The deal was approved, closing funds were received, and all payouts were complete.

info.png  All payments and confirmations are complete.



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