Sending Agent Invites

If you want your agents to be able to add their own banking information to their accounts, they must first be invited to do so.

1. In the left menu, navigate to Directory. Then go to the User Profiles section.

Bank - Admin 2.png


2. Each user in this area will have a status listed next to their name.

  • Active: Already received invited and completed enrollment.
  • Invited: Already received an invite, but haven't completed enrollment.
  • Not Invited: Have not yet been invited to add their bank account.

Bank - Admin 3.png


3. Use the boxes to select the users you'd like to invite/re-invite. At the top of the list, click Bulk Actions. Then select Send Invite.

You can also do this individually by clicking on the Actions Menu Books Actions Icon.png and then select Invite.

Bank - Admin 4.png


4. After the agent has been invited, they will need to add their banking information so that they can receive EFTs.  NOTE: Agents will not be able to receive EFT payments until their bank account information is added.


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