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In this article, you'll learn how to pay an invoice via your Bank Account.


Paying an Invoice

1. You will receive an email for the invoice. Click Review & Pay.



2. When the invoice opens, click Pay Invoice, on the bottom right-hand portion of the invoice.


3. After clicking Pay Invoice, you will see one of two options.  

  • Option 1: Bank account hasn't been added.   
    • Add Account Holder Name, Account Number, Routing Number and select Checking or Savings.

  • Option 2: Bank account has previously been added.
    • Bank information is available in the Payment Method dropdown.
      • If you would like to use the bank account displayed, click Pay.
      • To add a new account, click the Payment Method dropdown, and add the new account.
      • Use the toggle "remember this account" for the account you would like defaulted.


NOTE: Transaction Fee: Depending on your brokerage settings, a $1 convenience fee payment may apply.


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