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In this article, you'll learn how to pay an invoice via your Bank Account and/or Credit Card.

NOTE: A transaction fee may apply when paying via Bank Account or Credit Card.  


Paying an Invoice via Bank Account and/or Credit Card

1. After receiving an email with the invoice, open the email and Click Review & Pay.



2. When the invoice opens, click Pay Invoice, on the bottom right-hand portion of the invoice.


3. After clicking Pay Invoice, you will have the option to pay via bank account and/or credit card, depending on the payment options added to the invoice by your brokerage.


Bank Account:

To pay via your bank account, follow the steps below. 

1. Select Financial Transfer

2. Confirm or update the Financial Account information 

3.  You will see one of two options.  

  • Option 1: Bank account hasn't been added.   
    • Add Account Holder Name, Account Number, Routing Number and select Checking or Savings.

  • Option 2: Bank account has previously been added.
    • Bank information is available in the Payment Method dropdown.
      • If you would like to use the bank account displayed, click Pay.
      • To add a new account, click the Payment Method dropdown, and add the new account.
      • Use the toggle "remember this account" for the account you would like defaulted.


Credit Card:

To pay via your credit card, follow the steps below. 

1. Select Credit Card

2. Next, you will have the option of selecting an account that has already been added, or adding a new payment method.  

  • (a) Payment Method:  Select previously added account, if applicable or select New Payment Method to add a new credit card.
  • (b) Add the card holder name
  • (c) Enter the credit card number, expiration and cvc code.
  • (d) Remember this account: Toggle on if you would like the credit card defaulted for future invoice payments.
  • (e) Click Pay



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