Creating and Sending Invoices

In SkySlope Books, you can easily create and manage invoices. The SkySlope Books invoicing options are specially formulated for modern real estate brokers.

There are two reasons you may want to create an invoice:

  • Record an external payment you've already received.
  • Create and send an invoice to be paid.

With that in mind, do you want to record a payment or send someone an invitation to pay? Click to view instructions.

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Before You Start

We recommend adding all the relevant contacts and services/products of a transaction first before creating invoices. This helps keep your accounting operations organized and avoids accidental duplication.

You can find instructions for adding those important details here:


Sending Invoices

There are two different payment methods available when sending invoices:

  • Payload (bank account)
  • (credit card payment only)


1. In the left menu, navigate to Sales (A/R). Then go to the Invoices page. 



2. Once on the Invoices page, click Create in the upper right corner.



3. Now you will land on the Create Invoice page, where you will provide all of the important details for the invoice: 

Create Invoice.png

For the above image, reference the blue number to learn about that item's action:

  1. Invoice Date: The date the invoice is issued. If necessary, you can backdate the invoice.
  2. Customer: This is the person you are sending the invoice to; the person who will pay the invoice. If your customer does not already exist in your contacts, you can click the Create Contact icon to create a new customer.
  3. Sales Person (Optional): If necessary, you can select a Sales Person to list as the person who is sending the invoice. This is used when a sales agent needs to be associated with an invoice.
  4. Allow to Deduct from Deal (Optional): Use the checkbox to select the correct setting. When checked, this will allow you to deduct an outstanding balance from an agent's next commission payout. The invoice will appear in the agent's disbursement card in the deal.
  5. Payment Terms: This will determine when the payment is due.
  6. Accepted Forms of Payment (Payment Method): This will determine how you receive the payment. By default, the operating account will be selected. A credit card will only be shown a credit card is available. We suggest using Money Transfers to facilitate bank transfers and for credit card payments.
    - If using, ensure a credit card has been added.
    - If using Money Transfers, ensure a credit card and bank account have been added.
  7. Product/Service: Choose the Product/Service for which you are invoicing. If you do not already have the Product/ Service created, you may create one on the fly here.
    - The Account will auto-populate based on the Ledger Account you associate with the Product/ Service.
    - The Rate will auto-populate based on the Price of the Product/ Service; however, you may change it on the current invoice if needed.
    - If you need to add more than one item, click the + icon next to Items.
  8. Deal Association: If necessary, click the + icon next to Deal Association to associate this invoice to a Deal. Once you associate a deal with an invoice, you can view the invoice on the customer's card on the deal.
  9. Assign to Division: If necessary, use the drop-down to select a Division. This option lets you choose from the available company Divisions. It will only show the Divisions if the ledger account is accessible to some or all Divisions.
  10. Apply Credits: Check the box to apply any available Credits.


4. Once you've completed filling out all of the necessary invoice details, click Create. Then select from the available options.

  • Create and Send to finalize and send your invoice immediately. Your invoice will be sent to your contact’s email address on file.

  • Create as Draft so that the invoice can be edited and sent at a later date.

  • Create as Open creates the invoice but does not send it. The status will show as Open.


Create And.png



Record a Payment

If you simply need to record a payment made rather than sending someone an invoice to pay, you can do so with SkySlope Books! 

Learn how to record a payment.


Pay an Invoice

Feel free to share the resources below with your Agents for instructions on how to pay an invoice!


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