Money Transfers by SkySlope Books is switching from ZilMoney to With the switch comes several benefits, such as next-day transfers! After deactivating ZilMoney, you can proceed with setting up the Money Transfers via 


exclamation.png  Important: This is Step One of the Money Transfers with setup. Existing ZilMoney users must first deactivate ZilMoney within the Money Transfers integrations prior to setting up Payload in Money Transfers. After the setup has been completed and approved, you will need to re-add bank account information under each Agent Contact before you can send EFTs.

Getting Started with Payload.png


Deactivate ZilMoney

1. In the left menu, navigate to Money Transfers

- If you don't see Money Transfers in your left menu, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Money Transfers > Click Open.

2. Switch over from Activity to Account Info in the upper right.

3. Then, in the bottom left, click Delete Account. You will be asked to confirm; click Continue to proceed.


Deactivate ZilMoney.png


Once your ZilMoney account has been removed, you're ready to begin setting up the integration! Click here to learn how.


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