Add Banking Information for Money Transfers via (EFT) - Admin on behalf of Agent

For agents to receive electronic funds transfers from Money Transfers via, their bank must be linked to their account. If you are an Admin, follow the instructions outlined below to add banking information on behalf of an Agent.


exclamation.png Important: This is Step Three of the Money Transfers with setup. Existing ZilMoney users must first complete Step One (Deactivating ZilMoney) and Step Two (Setting Up Once you've completed the first two steps, you're ready to move on to re-adding agent bank account info.

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Add a Bank Account on behalf of an Agent

1. In the left menu, navigate to Directory. Then go to the Contacts section.

2. Locate the agent for whom you want to add banking information. Then click on their name to edit the contact details.

3. For that contact, navigate to the Payment Methods section. Under Direct Deposit, click Add Bank Account

Bank - Admin 1.png


4. Next, provide any necessary personal details 

Bank - Agent 6.png


5. Add the agent's bank account number and routing number. Then click Submit.

Bank - Agent 7.png



6. You can now send EFT payments to this agent from Money Transfers via!



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