Add Banking Account and/or Credit Card for Money Transfers via (EFT) - Admin on behalf of Agent

For agents to receive electronic funds transfers or pay invoices from Money Transfers via, their bank account and/or credit card must be added. If you are an Admin, follow the instructions outlined below to add bank account and/or credit card information on behalf of an Agent.


exclamation.png Important: This is Step Two of the Money Transfers with setup. Before following the steps outlined in this guide, make sure you complete Step One (Setting Up Once completed, you're ready to move on to re-adding agent bank account info.

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Add a Bank Account and/or Credit Card on behalf of an Agent

Important:  Adding the bank account will allow for both sending and receiving payments from the account added.

1. In the left menu, navigate to Directory. Then go to the Contacts section.

2. Locate the agent for whom you want to add banking information. Then click on their name to edit the contact details.

3. For that contact, navigate to the Payment Methods section.

4. To add a Bank Account, click "Add Bank Account" and complete the information.

5. To add Credit Card, click "Add Credit Card" and complete the information. 

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6. The Bank Account and/or Credit Card will be displayed after adding successfully.  

Note: Only the last four digits will be visible after adding.



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