Once you've set up the QuickBooks integration for SkySlope Books, you have the option of having bills and invoices automatically or manually sync to QuickBooks. 


In this article, we will cover both options.


Automatically Sync Bills/Invoices

1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > QuickBooks

2. Click on the Integration Settings tab

3. Enable the toggle for Bills and Invoices

Setup 17.png


Manually Sync Bill/Invoice

Follow these steps to sync a bill or invoice to QuickBooks manually.

1. In the left menu, navigate to Bills or Invoices. Locate the bill/invoice you want to sync manually.

Manual 1.png


2. Click to open the bill/invoice. Then click Sync with QuickBooks

Manual 2.png


3. Once synced, you will have the option to View in QuickBooks.

Manual 3.png


4. After clicking View in QuickBooks, a new tab will open, and you will be directed to that bill/invoice in your QuickBooks account.

Manual 4.png


Viewing in QuickBooks

Whether you sync manually or automatically, you can always follow these steps to view a bill or invoice in QuickBooks quickly.

  1. Navigate to Sales (A/R) for Invoices or Purchases (A/P) for Bills. 
  2. Locate the Invoice/Bill you want to view. Click to open.
  3. Click View in QuickBooks. A new tab will open where you can view the Invoice/Bill in QuickBooks.


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