SkySlope Books Product Updates — 2023 Year in Review

This past year has brought some extraordinary changes to SkySlope Books, both functionally and aesthetically! Let's take a look at some of the improvements we made in 2023.


Complete Interface Redesign

SkySlope Books is now lighter and brighter! We updated the user interface (UI) across the platform to be more modern and simplistic. Along with this redesign came a much simpler workflow for making and saving changes in deals.

2023 Year in Review.png


Connect Bank Account Instantly

With this enhancement, users can instantly connect a bank account to process and receive payments!


SSO for SkySlope/SkySlope Books Integration

Single sign-on (SSO) is now available! Books users can now use their SkySlope username and password to log into Books. 



Additionally, we've made it easier to toggle between the two apps! You can now use the Apps menu in SkySlope to access Zipi and vice versa.

Apps Icon.png


Batch Payment Processing

Being able to process payments in batches was a huge win this year. We added two new pages: Confirm Payments and Remaining Payouts. Using these two pages, users can now bulk-confirm received payments from escrow and bulk-process remaining payouts.

Confirm Payments

Confirm Payments.png


Remaining Payouts

Remaining Payouts.png


Bulk Check Printing

But wait, there's more! Now, you can even prepare and print multiple checks at once.

Check Printing.png


That's it for the 2023 Product Update Round-Up! See all the exciting updates for yourself — log in to check it out!


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