We have made some major improvements this month, and we're just getting started!


Simplified Agent Payments & Onboarding

Before this release, the onboarding process was the same for Agents as for Brokers. We found that wasn't really necessary, so we simplified the onboarding process for Agents. This makes it easier for Agents to get in, get what they need, and get on with their day. Agents can now easily onboard, verify their bank details, and begin receiving payments from their brokerage through Zipi. 

August 1.png


We have also made it easier for the Broker to tell whether or not an Agent has completed onboarding and is ready to start receiving payments via Zipi. Brokers will not see a $ icon to indicate whether or not an Agent has direct deposit enabled:

August 2.png

Note: This direct deposit icon will be visible in several locations: under Profiles, on the Edit Deals page, and in the primary Deals workflow.


New Payment Options on the Bills Page

Now the Payment Options provide the following choices.

  • Direct Deposit - This is the way to make payment via direct deposit when the brokerage or agent goes to enter the bank information of the payee. This means that only the brokerage needs to set up a Zipi-Pay account.
  • Zipi Financial Transfer - This is a way to make payments from one Zipi Pay account to another Zipi Pay account. 
  • Credit Card - ZIpi-Pay - This is a new way to make credit card payments with Zipi Pay. 
  • Credit Card - Authorize.net - This is the original way of processing credit card payments in Zipi. Authorize.net is a third-party tool.
  • Print Check - This is the ability to print a check to the user within the Zipi system.
  • Record Payments - This is the ability to record any payments made outside the Zipi system.

August 3.png


Share Commission Instructions from SkySlope to Zipi

In SkySlope, Agents & Brokers have the ability to write commission notes in the Commision section of the Transaction. Now we display the additional Commission Information in the Zipi Commission Instruction Tab of a Deal.

August 4.png


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