Zipi Redesign

Zipi is now lighter and brighter! We've updated the user interface (UI) to be more modern and simplistic. 


Along with the redesign, we've improved the appearance and performance of some of Zipi's most essential functions:

Change in Button Format and Color 

Defined Primary, Secondary, Negative, and Neutral States for Buttons. We also have a centralized button layout that is an oval button.



Added Spacing Across the Application for Clearer Page Formats

more space.png


Separate "Save" and "Save & Close" Buttons

save buttons.png



Improvements to Zipi Pay Onboarding

We've worked diligently to improve the Zipi Pay onboarding process, ensuring the new workflow was more streamlined and intuitive. We have removed several redundant steps and broken the onboarding process into four simple steps. The onboarding flow now allows users to differentiate between Sole Proprietors and other various entities.

Zipi Pay Onboarding.png


Improvements to Add a Bank Workflow

Users can now connect a bank account to Zipi Pay faster and easier than before. In just a few clicks, you can connect instantly (via a secure, direct login to your bank account) or manually (by providing your routing and account numbers). 

Add your bank account:

Add Bank Account.png


Connect instantly:

Add Instantly.png


Click here to take a closer look at all of the improvements we've made to Zipi Pay.


Improvements to Manual Contact Integrations

With this release, we've improved the Zipi/SkySlope integration. This will allow customers to choose whether or not to migrate their contacts from SkySlope into Zipi.


SSO for SkySlope/Zipi Integration

Big news: single sign-on (SSO) is now available! Zipi users can now use their SkySlope username and password to log into Zipi. 

Additionally, we've made it easier to toggle between the two apps! You can now use the Apps menu in SkySlope to access Zipi and vice versa.

Access SkySlope from within Zipi:

SkySlope in Apps.png

Access Zipi from within SkySlope:

Zipi in Apps.png


Source & Office Lead Integration Improvements

Source and Office Lead field data from SkySlope will now be imported into Zipi deals! These are two required fields in SkySlope that are essential to ensure the commission is properly calculated in Zipi.

Source and Office Lead.png


CDA Integration Improvements

We've made several improvements to the CDA functions in Zipi and SkySlope:

Draft CDA vs. Approved CDA

In SkySlope, the agent on the deal will now see a status indicator for the CDA in each transaction file. If the commission has not yet been approved in Zipi, the status will indicate "Draft CDA". If the commission has been approved in Zipi, the status will indicate "Approved CDA". Regardless of the status, the agent can click on the CDA button to preview their payout for that deal.

Draft CDA


Approved CDA



CDA Uploaded into SkySlope Property File

Once the commission disbursement has been approved in Zipi, a copy of the approved CDA and the Trade Sheet will be uploaded into the Documents section of the SkySlope transaction automatically!

Approved on Docs Tab.png


More CDA Actions in Zipi

We have made it even easier to take care of business within Zipi! There are several new options available to manage disbursements:

  • View
  • Email
  • Send to SkySlope
  • Download

Disbursement Options.png



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