Syncing Deals from Dotloop to SkySlope Books

Once you have Dotloop activated, you have the option to create it in SkySlope Books or Dotloop when you click Create.


Creating deals in SkySlope Books from Dotloop

  1. Click Dotloop in the Create dropdown
  2. This opens a new tab with the Dotloop Sync Page
  3. You can search for a Dotloop loop here and filter your results based on creation dates, type, or status. Below, you can see deals begin to populate based on the search parameters set.
  4. Select the deal you want to pull into SkySlope Books and enable the toggle
  5. You can change the role on the agent and assign them a percentage of the deal as well. Click the agent role and select a new one from the dropdown
    Note: Ensure that the checkbox next to the agent name is checked, otherwise the % of Deal field will be disabled.
  6. You can switch Primary Agents by clicking the agent icon and selecting Make Primary
  7. If everything is okay, you will see Ready next to the deal name, this means you can start syncing your deal
  8. Click Start Sync
  9. Once the sync completes, you will be redirected to the deals dashboard in SkySlope Books. You can search for the deal here
  10. You will now see the deal in SkySlope Books along with a Dotloop icon indicating the deal came from Dotloop
  11. The deal has a bi-directional sync, any changes made in SkySlope Books will reflect in Dotloop and vice versa.
  12. Once a deal has been synced, you will see the following icon next to the deal name.


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