Creating and Manually Syncing Deals from SkySlope to SkySlope Books

Before You Start

  • First, the SkySlope integration will need to be activated by the Customer Success team.  This will allow you to sync deals from SkySlope to SkySlope Books.

Note: This functionality is available if deals aren't automatically importing into SkySlope Books.


Creating and Manually Syncing Deals  

1. In the left menu, navigate to Deals. Then click Create in the upper left, then select Connect from SkySlope.


2. A new tab will open with the SkySlope Sync page.

3. In the Search field, type the property information and then press enter or click the search icon.

Note: Five characters are required


4. Next, select the property then click Start Sync.



5. Once the sync completes, you will see the following screen.  You can now close out of this tab in your browser.




6. The deal will now be viewable and searchable in SkySlope Books.  The deal will have the SkySlope icon indicating the deal came from SkySlope.



7. The deal has a bi-directional sync, certain fields updated in SkySlope Books will reflect in SkySlope and vice versa.  Check out this article to view the synced fields between SkySlope and SkySlope Books.


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