Setting Up and Activating Bank Feeds

The Reconciliation Module in SkySlope Books allows you to connect your bank account(s) so the bank feed will automatically import into SkySlope Books for reconciliation purposes.  Once your bank account is connected, you will activate your bank feed in SkySlope Books so the transactions will populate.

Note: You must be logged into an Admin to view these features.

SkySlope Books' banking module supports most major banks, which can be found when beginning the connection process.

If a bank is not listed, then we do not have a relationship with the bank, and the bank feed will need to be added manually or imported via a CSV file.

Note: When enrolling your Bank information to SkySlope Books' Bank module, SkySlope Books does not store the account and routing number in its system.


1. Navigate to the Left Navigation Bar and go to Accounting > Reconciliation.


2. Within the Reconciliation screen, click on "Add Account" in the top right corner.


3. After clicking on the account, a drop-down appears. Click on "Bank Account or Trust Account".


4. Click on "Continue" to search for your bank account and sign in using Plaid.


5. Optional: Enter your phone number to log in or sign up for Plaid, or click "Maybe Later" to skip this step.


6. Use the Search field to search for your bank.  

NOTE: After searching, if the bank account is not found, then click Exit.  The bank account and bank feed will need to be added manually and the transactions will be added manually or imported via a CSV file.  


7. If the Bank is found, then click "Continue to login" and enter the login credentials for the bank account you will be reconciling in SkySlope Books.


8. Navigate to the Left Navigation Bar and go to Accounting > Reconciliation.


9. Click the Action Menu for the bank account and select "Start Feed"  


10. A pop-up will appear.  Enter the start date to activate the bank feed from and click "Ok".


11. The bank feed is now activated.  If you would like to view the feed, click on the line for the bank account.


12. The bank transactions will now be listed in the Bank Feed tab.  You can also navigate to the "Transactions (Not Matched)" and "Reconciliation" screens here.



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