Removing Payments from Bills

Once you make a payment for a Bill, the status updates to Paid and creates a Payment Made. You have the option to remove the payment from that Bill. 


1. In the left menu, navigate to Purchases. Then go to the Bills section.


2. Locate the Bill you wish to edit. Then click on the Bill to open it. Here is what you will see:


3. Once the Bill is open, hover over the Payment. When you do that, you should see an X next to the payment amount. 


4. Click the X to remove the Payment. You will be asked to verify if you want to remove the Payment. Click Ok to proceed.


5. On successfully removing the Payment, the Bill's status will update to Open or Overdue, depending on the date. You will also see the available credits go up by the amount removed. You can use it for other Bills for this Vendor. The Payment Made for this Bill will have $0 applied. You can delete it. 


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