Viewing and Editing Payments Received

In this article, we will look at:

  • Viewing Payments Received
  • Editing Payments Received


Viewing Payments Received

1. In the left menu, navigate to Sales (A/R).

2. Then go to the Payments Received section. This takes you to the Payments Received page.


3. For each payment, you can view:

  • Payment Date
  • Payment #
  • Customer
  • Status
  • Reference 
  • Payment Mode
  • Total Amount
  • Applied
  • Actions

4. Click on any payment received to view its details.


5. You have the following options:

  1. Edit Payment
  2. Refund Payment
  3. History
  4. Related Invoice
  5. More Information


Filtering Payments Received

You can filter your payments received based on status.

1. Go to the Status filter dropdown at the top right of your screen.

2. Choose the statuses from the dropdown.

3. The payments received displayed will update based on the chosen status.



Sorting Payments Received

You can sort your payments received in ascending or descending order based on:

  • Payment Date
  • Payment #
  • Customer
  • Status
  • Payment Mode
  • Total Amount

You can do that by clicking the arrow next to each header's name, as shown below.



Editing Payments Received

1. Click the overflow menu in Actions. Select Edit from the dropdown menu.


2. This opens the Edit Payment Received page.


3. You can change anything except the Amount and Payment Mode.

4. Once you've completed your changes, click Save.


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