Adding a Referral Fee - Deduction from Deal Commission

In this article we will walk through how to add a referral fee that is being paid out of the Deal Commission prior to any splits to the Company or the Agent.

Adding a Referral Fee 

1. Access the Deal by using the Search Bar or locating it from the All Deals screen.

2. Once located, click the pencil icon to Edit.

3. Scroll to the Disbursement card on the deal and expand the Deal card.

Reminder: This will add a referral fee from the Deal prior to any splits to the Company or Agent.  

4. Click "+ Add item" 

Depending on the commission plans you have set up and any deductions that may be a part of your brokerages commission plan, you may want the referral fee deducted from the Gross Commission, Adjusted Gross or the Net Commission.

5. Select "Referral: to deduct from the Gross Commission

6. Select "Royalty" to deduct from the Adjusted Gross Commission (Note: You aren't actually adding a Royalty here, just utilizing this field to deduct from the Adjusted Gross Commission.) 

7. Select "Deal Expense" to deduct from the Net Commission 



8. Start by selecting Referral Fee as the Product/Service.

Note: If you don't see the Referral Fee as an available Product/Service, it can be added by creating a new product/service. However, it is recommended that you contact your administrator or the SkySlope Support team to make sure this is correctly set up at the company level.

9. Next, add the Receiver Contact.  This is who is receiving the Referral Fee.

10. Add the amount of the Referral Fee.

11. Alternatively, if the amount is not a flat fee, select the dropdown here to see additional calculation options.

12. Important:  Be sure to select the appropriate option here. Select "Pay at Closing" if the Title Company will be disbursing the Referral Fee.  Select "Pay at Remaining" if the brokerage will be disbursing the Referral Fee.


13. Save the deal to view the updated numbers on the Preview card.  You should now see the deduction and the Deal Net value has changed bee reduced by the Referral Fee amount. 


14.  In addition, a new line item has been added for the agent receiving the Referral Fee.



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