Manually Creating a Deal

SkySlope Books provides you with the option to manually create deals.  However, most brokerages opt to have deals automatically created in SkySlope Books via the integration.  

Interested in learning more deals being created automatically?  Check out the below articles!

Creating Manual Deals

In this article, we will walk you through the following scenarios.


Create and Open a Deal Manually 

Before you start: Be sure that your commission plans are set up and applied to all agents involved in the transaction.  

1. In the left navigation menu, go to Deals > All Deals.  This takes you to the Deals page.

2. Click the Create button and select "Create deal"  

Note: Connect from SkySlope allows you to pull a deal from SkySlope if the integration didn't automatically sync the deal from SkySlope to SkySlope Books.

3. You will now add the details about the Deal to the Deal Information card.

If you are creating this deal and saving in Draft status, only the Deal Name is required.  If you are going to Create and Open, the following fields are required.

  • Deal Name: After entering the property address, the Deal Name will automatically be the address
  • Sales Price: If no date is known, select the last day of the following month. This MUST be a future date, unless the deal status is Closed.
  • Type
  • Closing Date: Enter the actual or an estimated closing date
  • Primary Agent: At least one agent needs to be associated with the deal.

If you do not have these fields completed, you will receive an error message when trying to save the deal 


There are multiple cards on this page:

  • Deal Information Card: This is where you enter the following:
    • Deal Name (required)
    • Deal Status (choose the appropriate status)  - See this article to learn more about Deal Statuses!
    • Address, Street Number and or Unit information.
    • Optional:
      • Upload a picture of your property for reference.
      • External URL (takes you to an external URL. If you have one added. Every time you click the image for that deal it takes you to that URL.)
      • Division (You can view all the divisions in your company in this dropdown or you can leave it blank by choosing None)
      • Tags (you can choose from the dropdown)
      • The Agents and related parties details, such as Buyer and Seller Agents, Closing company details
      • Add the client, as a buyer or seller, by entering their information in the Seller or Buyer fields
    • Transaction Card: This is where you enter the following:
      • Sales Price, if any. For Opportunities, simply enter an estimated value or $1 amount.
      • Type of transaction (required). This represents the classification of deal. It answers the question who are you representing or what service are you providing. You can choose from (Note: All of the above types are fixed in the system):

        • Listing (sale)

        • Buyer (sale)

        • Landlord (rental)

        • Tenant (rental)

        • Referral

        • Broker Price Opinion

    • Closing date (required): If no date is known, select the last day of the following month. This MUST be a future date, unless the deal status is Closed.
    • The Commission % OR the Commission $ value if a flat fee applies.
  • Optional:
    • Source of Business
    • Commission Payer
    • You can expand the Information card to add more information like:
      • Property Class
      • Contract Date
      • Listing date
      • Acceptance date
      • Original price
      • Expiration date
      • MLS organization
      • MLS ID
      • Sub-type
      • Sub-source
      • Escrow number
      • Time zone
      • More fields 
  • Sales Entities Configuration card: This is where you ensure that you have the correct agent or agents listed as the sales entity. The current sales agent associated with the deal will be shown at the bottom of the card.
    • To add more agents:
      • Type in the name of the profile under Add Sales Entity
    • To change the primary sales entity:
      • Click the Make Primary button next to the new agent

7. Disabling the Apply Rules toggle lets you create a deal with no dynamic plans or templates applied.

8. Click Create & Close to finish creating a deal. This will take you to the deals summary page. If you want to make further changes, click Create in the dropdown.


Create Draft Deal Manually 

1. In the left navigation menu, go to Deals > All Deals.  This takes you to the Deals page.

2. Click the Create button and select "Create deal"  

3. Enter the Deal name and any other pertinent information.

4.  A pop-up will inform you that this is a Draft deal.  You can update the Deal Name, Return to Deal if you need to add any additional details, or click Create to complete the Draft deal.    


Changing a Draft Deal to an Open Deal

1. Access the Deal by using the Search Bar or locating it from the All Deals screen.

2. Once located, click the pencil icon to Edit.




3.  Deal Information Card: Click on "Make Open".

Note: If you click "Make Open" by mistake, you'll be able to revert it back to Draft by clicking "Revert to Draft". You can only revert to a Draft if you haven't saved any changes.

4. Add all the required fields and pertinent data and click Save.



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