Merge contacts allows you to combine duplicate contacts into one and delete the contact that is no longer needed.

Getting Started

When contacts are merged, the following details are merged as well:

  • Details
  • Locations
  • Payroll Information
  • Finances
  • Records

When you merge two contacts that also have profiles, the following happens:

  • The primary contact chosen will remain and the merged profile is deleted.
  • The primary contact record will replace the merged profile on deals.
  • Custom attributes will be merged.

In this article, we will go over:


Merging Contacts

1. From the left menu, navigate to Contacts. Select the contacts you wish to merge. This will reveal the Bulk Actions button at the top of the Contacts section.

Merge Contacts 1.png


2. Click Bulk Actions, and then select Merge Contacts.

Merge Contacts 2.png


3. This opens the Merge Contacts popup. You will select your primary contact record here. The primary record is the record SkySlope Books will keep.

Select the primary contact, and click Merge.

Merge Contacts 3.png


4. You will see that the merge is in progress. Once complete, you will see a Success message and the page will reload. Now you will only see the primary contact in your Contacts list.


Merge Contacts 4.png


Unmerging Contacts

If necessary, you have the option to unmerge contacts after they have been merged. 

1. Open the merged contact's contact card.

2. Click the Merged Contacts icon in the upper right to open the Merged Contacts pop-up.

Merge Contacts 5.png


3. Click the Actions icon (...), and then select Restore Contact.

Merge Contacts 6.png


4. You will see a Success message in the bottom right of your screen, and the page will reload. Now the restored contact will be available on your Contacts list.

Merge Contacts 7.png


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